Wonchang Steel is striving to realize its future as a global developer.

  • October 2017

    Certified root
    technology company

  • December

    New Computing System
    Introduction of "we-start"

  • October

    Work, learning system

  • September

    Cold Rolling
    Expansion of 1st stage

  • December

    Certified as a company specialized in material parts

  • November

    Talent Development Certified as a medium-sized company

  • March 2013

    Technology Innovation a medium-sized company (Inno-Biz) certification

  • December

    Family-friendly company certification

  • August

    Recognized as a department dedicated to research and development

  • April

    Management innovation a medium-sized company (Main-Biz) certification

  • December

    Small Slitter Line of 1st, Annealing Line of 2nd expansion

  • August

    a medium-sized company Selected as a top company

  • April

    Patent certification (Shearing system with bendable leveler)

  • August

    ISO 9001 Quality management system certification

  • May

    Cold Rolling Reversingmill Line of 1st, Small Slitter Line of 1st, Annealing of 2nd work

  • March

    Factory construction in Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do Cheonbu industrial complex

  • December 2007

    Small Shear Line behavior

  • April 2007

    Overseas Steel Exports, import Commence business

  • April 2006

    Wonchang Steel Conversion of corporate corporation

  • January 2005

    Wonchang Steel establishment