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  • Remove the Scale on the surface by acidification the thermal steel plate, push it once again to adjust the weight, material, surface mapping, and geometry.
  • In contrast to thermal steel plate, the thickness is excellent, the surface is smooth, and the workings are excellent. They are used directly in cars, appliances, furniture, office supplies, vehicles, and vehicles, and are used as plated fabrics such as zinc, aluminum, tin, and chrome.

Cooling Rolled Carbon Strength Steel

S10C, S15C, S20C, S35C, S45C, S50C, S55C, S70C, SK105, SK95, SK85, SCM415, SCM435, SNCM220

  • Used for various machine parts after heat treatment process with common mechanical structures carbon steel, alloy steel and tool steel.

Cooling Rolled Spring Strength Steel

50CRV4, SUP10M

  • It is used for specialized uses (top, washer, stems, springs) requiring machinability and fatigue resistance.

General Structural Steel Plate


  • General structures and welding structures are produced and used for iron structures, bridges, ships, and vehicles.

A Car Structural Steel Plate

SAPH310, SAPH370, SAPH400, SAPH440

  • It's high-intensity and uses DRAWING performance and the excellent steel plate of DRAWING to use for the car's FRAME, WHEEL.

Automotive High Strength Steel Plate

SPFH540, SPFH590

  • The thickness is thin, high-intensity, high-powered, and used by a rigid steel plate for the exterior or important elements (bumper, seat belt etc).